Ventura DUI – Expungement

For most of my clients facing a Ventura DUI, it is the first (and last) time they have ever been arrested. Many such people are concerned with the potential long-term consequences that a DUI conviction can have on their professional lives. On a more personal level, getting the DUI conviction expunged from their record is often the final piece of the puzzle in putting this horrible experience behind them.

What An Expungement Does

A Ventura DUI expungement is an important legal procedure to:

(a) Withdraw a DUI plea,
(b) Obtain an Order setting aside the DUI conviction,
(c) Enter a plea of Not Guilty, and
(d) Obtain an Order of Dismissal signed by the judge.

The end result of this process is that the Ventura DUI conviction is set aside and the case is dismissed.

How Expungement Helps

The main benefit of having a DUI conviction expunged is that it legally permits you to say “No” to a question on a job application from a private employer asking if you have ever been convicted of a crime. In the event that a private employer runs a background check on you, the DUI may not even be discovered, depending on the nature of the background check. If the DUI is discovered on the background check, it shows up as being dismissed.

However, on applications by government employers or for obtaining a license from a government agency, you must disclose the expunged case. The good news is that having the case expunged can assist in obtaining the government employment and/or license.

Eligibility for Expungement

In order to be eligible have a Ventura DUI conviction expunged, you must have satisfied all of your probationary obligations, including the completion of alcohol school and the payment of all fines, fees, and restitution. In addition, you must no longer be on probation for the DUI, or for any other case, and cannot have any pending misdemeanor or felony cases.

It is possible to have probation terminated early, provided that all obligations have been satisfied, and then have the case expunged.

How Long Does Expungement Take?

I am typically able file the Ventura DUI expungement paperwork with the court within a day of being retained to do so. Once it is filed, it typically takes the court a month or two to review the application and sign the Order for Dismissal. Once it signed, the court sends a copy to me, which I immediately provide to my client.

What doesn't a DUI Expungement do?

Expunging a Ventura DUI conviction does not remove it from your record. As a result, the conviction can still be seen by the government, and will be used as a prior DUI conviction in the event that you are arrested for a subsequent DUI. The expungement process also does not remove the DUI from your driving record, so the conviction may still be visible to insurance companies.

Ventura DUI Attorney Jasen Nielsen – 100% Success with Expungements

Due to the detailed and thorough expungement applications I research and write on behalf of my clients, I have never had a Ventura DUI expungement application denied. I have helped numerous clients expunge Ventura DUI convictions from their records, allowing them to pursue their professional ambitions and assisting them in finally putting this often horrible experience behind them. If you have been convicted of a DUI in Ventura County and are interested in having it expunged, please call me today at (805)564-4DUI for a free consultation.

Keep Driving

After a DUI, you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV. If you don't, your license will automatically be suspended, and you won't be able to drive at all for 30 days - not even to work! Give me a call today and I'll request your hearing for you so you can keep driving.

Experience Gets Results

DUI punishment is always increasing, and the penalties are always getting stiffer. Even on a first offense, jail time is a real possibility, in addition to a host of other potential consequences, including the suspension of your license, probation, fines and fees and more. I am ready today to fight your case if can be won and to help you minimize the charges and punishment if it cannot. Check out my client reviews and success stories for more.