Jasen Nielsen

I am a Ventura DUI Attorney, focused on helping those who have been arrested in and around Ventura County. I grew up in Thousand Oaks and graduated from Westlake High School in 1992. Prior to becoming one of the area's top DUI attorneys, I worked as a Ventura DUI prosecutor, where I was trained by the notoriously harsh Ventura County District Attorney's Office, and certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.  I have cultivated relationships with prosecutors, judges and court staff, as well as a plethora of other agencies, and use my thorough understanding of how the government prosecutes and adjudicates DUI cases to achieve excellent results for my clients.

Personal Attention to All Clients

I offer professional, detailed, and knowledgeable representation to a wide range of clients, including law enforcement officers, doctors, attorneys, nurses and students, from all walks of life.   I have history of achieving exemplary customer service, and am a firm believer in communication.  I will always be available to meet with you and all of your contact will be directly with me. I will personally make all of your court appearances, and your calls will always be returned promptly by me, not my staff.

Unique Approach to Each Case

I do not believe in taking an aggressive approach in every case on which I work, as that strategy often backfires, resulting in stiffer punishment and harsher consequences. I instead believe in fighting the cases that should be fought and mitigating those that should not. I have the skills and experience to do both, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Exemplary Customer Service

I believe in charging affordable prices and offer reasonable payments to fit every budget. I have offices in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, and can be available to meet with you at any time. If you or a loved one have been arrested for a DUI in Ventura County or the surrounding areas, call me.

Ventura DUI Attorney serving the communities of Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Westlake, Lake Sherwood, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Agoura, Calabasas, Oxnard, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Point Mugu, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Somis, Camarillo, Ojai, and Oak View.

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  • A Ventura County DUI Client Recommends Jasen Nielsen

    “When I got arrested for a DUI with a high rate of speed in Ventura county I thought I was screwed. The potential penalty that I was facing was 60 days in Ventura County Jail on top of all the other fines and fees (even though it was my first DUI). I ended up hiring Jasen Nielsen to help me ...
  • “My experience with Jasen Nielsen”

    “I had the misfortune of receiving a DUI in Ventura County in 2008. Prior to this, I had never had an encounter with the law or legal system with no prior record, so i was a fish out of water when it came to knowing the proper steps to take in order to tackle this overwhelming charge that I was n...
  • “My exact words… shared”

    “What i asked him for was an admitted “long shot” as defined by the both of us… he gave me a great deal to appear on my behalf as he was aware of my expensive legal let down with another attorney and handled my case PRECISELY as he said he would. Ultimately with the exact result he forecast. Thi...
  • “Great, responsive service”

    “I hired Jasen Nielsen for my DUI case in Ventura County and he was incredibly responsive from day one. He spent almost 2 hours during our first meeting talking me through the entire process and listening to my concerns. In the following weeks I contacted his office frequently with questions abou...
  • “Responsive Lawyer”

    “Jasen was always there to answer questions and always kept me informed about the case. Was always striaght forward, I have recommended him even prior to my case being over.”
  • “Very friendly and helpful”

    “He saved me from getting an M.I.P (which carries a $500 dollar fine and a year suspension of your license) and got it lowered to just a payment fine of a $100 and got to keep my license. I was very impressed and it saved me a lot of stress.”
  • “Great attorney”

    “I’m in ‘the legal business’ but in another state and needed help for a relative. I specifically wanted an ex-prosecutor with a good reputation. I spent a lot of time talking with him and he knows what he’s doing, plain and simple.”
  • “Reliable, Informative and Effective”

    “I made the worst decision of my life the night I got my DUI, but I made a great decision when I hired Jasen Nielsen as my attorney. Jasen won a better outcome for me than I anticipated. He was especially helpful by being able to file my court papers and represent me in Santa Barbara County, 30...
  • “Excellent DMV Hearing Outcome”

    “Jasen Nielsen represented me in a DMV hearing in Ventura County CA regarding a DUI charge. I have been told that my case is 99% more complicated than most DUI cases. Jasen Nielsen’s strategies and extensive research resulted in the DMV concluding that I will not lose my driver’s license and th...
  • “Highly recommended!”

    “Jasen really knows what hes doing and keeps his clients informed every step of the way. Dont be a victim to the careless firms where you’re “just another client” and they take your money and plea guilty for you.. I will recommend Jasen to friends who may (hopefully wont) need his help!”
  • “An Extremely Reliable and Knowledgable Professional”

    “I highly recommend Mr. Neilsen to those in need of his professional services. He has helped me beyond my expectations and was able to get me an outstanding deal with many of my charges being dropped. He helped me get my potential DUI case down to a dry reckless, something I did not even imagine ...

Keep Driving

After a DUI, you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV. If you don't, your license will automatically be suspended, and you won't be able to drive at all for 30 days - not even to work! Give me a call today and I'll request your hearing for you so you can keep driving.

Experience Gets Results

DUI punishment is always increasing, and the penalties are always getting stiffer. Even on a first offense, jail time is a real possibility, in addition to a host of other potential consequences, including the suspension of your license, probation, fines and fees and more. I am ready today to fight your case if can be won and to help you minimize the charges and punishment if it cannot. Check out my client reviews and success stories for more.