Pay To Stay Programs

Jail Time – Even Possibly for a 1st Offense

Having to do jail time for a DUI conviction in Ventura County is a possibility. Most people who serve that jail time do so in Ventura County Jail, which is not known for its pleasant condition or hospitable staff. Many of those arrested for a DUI in Ventura fear going back to jail more than any other aspect of their potential punishment.

Can Serve Outside of Ventura County Jail

In certain Ventura DUI cases, it may be possible to serve your sentence somewhere other than Ventura County Jail. However, you have to prove that you served the same sentence that you would have in Ventura. As a result, being booked and immediately released at a typical county jail will not suffice.

Pay to Stay Programs – City Jail

There are facilities throughout Southern California (mostly in Los Angeles County) that have separate housing for people who are faced with the prospect of jail time but do not wish to serve it with the general population.  Most of these programs are in a separate portion of a larger facility, and are sometimes referred to as “Pay to Stay” programs. Such programs do not exist in Ventura County.


For a 48 hour sentence, the cost is usually about $300-$400, but many clients prefer this option due to the fact that you often have your own cell, regular access to a TV, better food, and no concern for your safety. Here are some links to 3 such facilities:

     Pasadena City Jail –

     Glendale City Jail –

     Huntington Beach City Jail –

Keep Driving

After a DUI, you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV. If you don't, your license will automatically be suspended, and you won't be able to drive at all for 30 days - not even to work! Give me a call today and I'll request your hearing for you so you can keep driving.

Experience Gets Results

DUI punishment is always increasing, and the penalties are always getting stiffer. Even on a first offense, jail time is a real possibility, in addition to a host of other potential consequences, including the suspension of your license, probation, fines and fees and more. I am ready today to fight your case if can be won and to help you minimize the charges and punishment if it cannot. Check out my client reviews and success stories for more.